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I now have been in Cheboksary in a week, and no days have been the same. Everyday, on my way to work, I see new things like new statues, shops and parks. Yesterday I was told that there was a chocolatier in the same building as the office I was staying. Furthermore, I was told that it used to be a very famous chocolatier because it was the only one of its kind, and people came to Cheboksary only to visit this shop. Unfortunately, they builded more shops just like this in different cities, so it isn’t as popular as it used to be. I was curious, so I went downstairs to see the shop. I have never in my life seen such a shop before, and I have been to different candy shops, chocolate shops and so on, before. The way they had all their types of biscuits and chocolate in showcases, so you couldn’t touch it; they even lock the ice cream freezer, so you can’t take one by yourself. It was like going into a jewelry store, where they lock down all their jewels, so nobody can steal it. So that was quite an experience, just going to a chocolatier.

Yesterday was the first time I took the bus, and it feels like I have never tried it before in my life, because I don’t understand a dime of what is going on. I learned to never ask (in English) if I am on the right bus, to the lady who collects money from the passengers. Because then she will make it sound like your on the totally wrong bus in the wrong direction. Fortunately, people helped me and showed me the way, even if we could not communicate so well. So it was not a totally successful first bus ride here in Cheboksary, but I arrived at my destination so that was great.

Everyday I am still trying to learn more about the city, and the people living in it, because it is interesting to learn more about a new country and of course a new city.

— Freja

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