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Thursday, it was Teachers day, a day where the teachers get celebrated by the school and the students. If you ask the schoolkids about this day, there are a lot of different opinions about the day. Some of the children like the day, and are excited to prepare something for the teachers. Some think it’s fine, and just do it, and there are even some who don’t see why they should do it. I think it is a great idea, because the teachers do so many things for their class and for the school, so why shouldn’t they be celebrated?

In the beginning, I didn’t know that it was an international celebration day. I only thought that some schools did it, but not the whole of Russia.  The reason for this is that we don’t celebrate this day in Denmark. I think we should do it, because it is a great concept. It is not because we treat our teachers bad in Denmark and sometimes we are also buying gifts for our teachers. This is mostly in the end of the school year, to say thank you for the year, but this is not every year or any tradition at all.


I was so lucky to experience Teachers day as a teacher here in Russia. What is not to like when there is cake at the office and a nice gift too? So thank you, and I hope that all teachers had a nice day!


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