Sodrujestvo presents: the winter camp 2008!!!

 New,  fresh and cool as ever! 

After a seriouse discussion with the volunteers we have scheduled the winter camp 2008 for the dates February 1-10, 2008. Is that ok with all those who would like to come?

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  1. Lesha
    Lesha says:

    I just test my phone. What it can do. Hi everybody! I want to see you all in winter camp 2008!!! (i think it’s not so possible):-)

  2. Sasha Charlotka
    Sasha Charlotka says:

    Addelchik, you we will have a meeting on wednesday and «disgust» the dates again. We are very much YOU oriented!

  3. Sasha Charlotka
    Sasha Charlotka says:

    Vatrushka, the meeting is at 7.00 pm Russian time. It would be good to have a Belgian vote to disgust the dates! Olya and Ira are in Saint Petersburg now, Zapekanka is back at home so there will be 3 people missing and we will be very happy to have our Belgian branch representative at the meeting (at least to hear the voice of the Belgian branch).

  4. Sasha Charlotka
    Sasha Charlotka says:

    …. And thank you very much — Trofim Predatchenko! for helping us to make this site and for hosting it!!!!

  5. sasha charlotka
    sasha charlotka says:

    Manuelchik! This is new Sodrujestvo sleng — we are saying «disgust» instead of «discuss», and tonight with were disgusting the dates of the winter camp — it is February 1-10. Addelchik — is that ok for you?

  6. Stu
    Stu says:

    Hey hey hey!
    Well obviously I will be there and I am trying to convince people here to join me so you might get 55 foreign volunteers! I’m very good at persuading people 🙂

  7. Stu
    Stu says:

    Oh by the way Vatrushka, would you be so kind as to forward me the information on EVS and all the relevant websites!
    That would be most appreciated!
    Ta very much!

  8. julie
    julie says:

    what i nice site, i will keep the dates of the winter camp in my head, but i don’t know if it will be possible to come… it will depend of my school.
    greetings from Belgium!


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