Chuvash Rastas

Born in … , brought to Chuvashia

Fighting for survival, first time in Russia

A mouthful of kasha, everyday potatoes

Swimming in the Volga, facing mosquitoes

Aii! Aii! Aii! …

Telling these nice girls ’bout the wonders of the world

Learning some new words, listening to the wild birds

Massage in the morning, fire in the evening

Life is so sweet here, drinking Chuvash beer

And tchai, tchai, tchai…

Born in … , brought to Chuvasia

Fighting for survival, enjoying our arrival

A vision of paradise, sparkling in our eyes

Flags and boxers, hugs and kisses

And love, love, love…

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  1. Stu
    Stu says:

    ahhhhh I remember that so well my first camp in Russia, a moment of musical greatness! We should enter the Eurovision with that song!


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