English Club Содружества

Сегодня прошёл очередной сбор Ангийского клуба Содружества в 5-й гимназии.


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  1. sasha charlotka
    sasha charlotka says:

    Addelchik-VAtroushka! Have you seen that? We are making an English speaking club in a secondary school in Cheboxary! It is not the same school — it is a new one where our old school moved — except for the «little ducks» :))
    Stevechik, Stuart and Heinz!
    You can see Denis here and Anya and Nina — have you recognized them in their winter outfit?

  2. Natasha Zapekanka
    Natasha Zapekanka says:

    Addel, who is sgyschonka? 🙂
    And did you recognise me with dark hair?
    We didn’t play your games in the club because Bostian has many new games. But we will play Oborotni next week.

  3. Светлана
    Светлана says:

    The word “Sodruzhestvo” is translated into English as “cooperation, unity” and the name speaks for itself! The Center shares the atmosphere of goodwill and creativity with all the participants and friends. Our motto is “Learn to know how” and we really tend to make our students be able to apply their knowledge in life.

  4. ArtemAlold
    ArtemAlold says:

    Подключаем водителей к Яндекс, Ситимобил, Гетт
    При необходимости предоставляем Авто в Аренду
    Также ведем набор Курьеров на Личном Авто
    Моментальная Оплата
    Свободный График


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