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  1. sasha charlotka
    sasha charlotka says:

    Dear HAzard! Hi! I received your letter from Istanbul, wrote you back but today received a notice that you did not receive my letter. I am happy that you are back in Turkey safe and survived Russian wenter, with great memories I hope! We also miss you a lot here, you and Yunus! If Yunus is not reading this now — please say hello to him!!!! The two turkish volunteers in our camp -you are the Discoveries of this winter!!!! Think hard and make up your mind to come back here in summer!!! There is still much for you to see and many topics to discuss! Your angel :))

  2. Ksenia
    Ksenia says:

    Hazarchik! You emailed me that you hadn`t recieved any emails from me. But I sent you 2 or 3 already… Something must be wrong with your email/ or with mine/
    Hope we will figure it out.
    How it feels to be back to Turkey? How the rest of your long vacations is going?
    Miss you and our Angel, of course/
    Keep in touch, KSHUSHA/


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