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The 15th Language festival in Cheboksary

The 15th Language festival in Cheboksary started at October,15.  8 volunteers from different countries came to Sodrujestvo to present their languages. From the 15th to the 22th of October, during so called «language caravan», they visited with the presentations a lot of schools in Cheboksary and some other towns and villages in Chuvash Republic. Schoolchildren and teachers were very hospitable and in turn also prepared a performance of Сhuvash (and even somewhere of Tatar) culture. 23 and 24 of October the Festival itself took place in Chuvash State Pedagogical University. A lot of students, schoolkids and just people interested in different cultures, visited the Festival.
Thanks to all the volunteers who took part in this great project!
Sasha Ph., Sasha B., Katya, Basti, Maria, Dilan, Urkia, David, Marin, Massimo, S?kr?, Kristina, Irina, Masha Danilova, Lena Urina, Maria Romanova, Masha Kirillova, Anjelika, Olya Fomylina, Nikita, Dima Kochetkov, Dima Osh’epkov, Denis, Julia, Vera, Roma, Vanya, Anya and Olik and so on and so on 🙂

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