New Sodrujestvo workcamp!

Code: RU-SOD 6.7
«Clean city»
August 21 – August 31, 2011 ECOLOGY
Vols 10 international, 10 Russian
Age 18+

This is an ecological workcamp aimed at making the city of Cheboksary clean and beautiful. This is the first time that NGO Youth Voluntary center „Sodrujestvo“ in partnership with the city administartion decided to make this ecological voluntary workcamp.
Cheboksary is a city 600 km to the east from Moscow and the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia. It is a beautiful and cosy city with its rich history but unfortunately some parts of the city are polluted with plastic and other garbage. The workcamp will help the citizens to make it cleaner and more beautiful.
The idea of the camps is as follows:
• To clean the city of Cheboksary from plastic and other garbage
• To make awareness campaign on ecological values for the citizens of the city so that they do not pollute the city any more
1. Cleaning the city – 6 hours a day
2. Making ecological awareness activities

There are 2 days off per week.

Accommodation and food:
In a students hostel, food is cooked by the volunteers. No sleeping bags are needed.
Study: Volunteers get knowledge and skills on ecological values and principals. They get to know how to make an ecological awareness campaign. They also get basic knowledge of the Russian language and the Russian culture, get to know Russian people and Russian hospitality. As the workcamp is located in Chuvashia – a small local ethnicity to the east from Moscow – the volunteers will get the chance to learn the culture of this local ethnicity, its history and difference from the Russian Culture. Volunteers will get a perfect experience of interacting with different people with different backgrounds and working in a multicultural team.
Location: The workcamp is situated in Russia, Cheboksary. The volunteers will need to fly (or arrive with any other transport: train, bus etc.) to Moscow and take a train from Moscow to Cheboksary. In Cheboksary the volunteers will be met by Russian volunteers and move altogether to the workcamp.
Languages: The working language of the project is English and Russian.
Extra information: The volunteers are expected to be interested in ecologically healthy life style and solving ecological problems.
Extra possibility of learning Russian:
If you feel like you would be interested in learning some Russian before you start the camp, you can come to the project several days before the start of the camp. Our partner – NGO “Language for success” – organizes high quality intensive Russian language course for our volunteers. This will also give you a chance to get to know better the culture of the local community.
The price of individual language course: 50 Euros a day including 4 hours of studies and accommodation in a hostel or host family.

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