Новый лагерь в Чехии! Уже в апреле!

Чешская организация INEX-SDA приглашает вас принять участие в проекте под названием «Moravian Countryside Spring». Лагерь состоится с 13 по 27 апреля.  Если захотите поехать — обращайтесь к нам!


SDA 101 Moravian countryside Spring


13/04– 27/04

Vols: 7 + 2

Age: 18+

Project: The workcamp will take place in the small Moravian village of Tvarozna Lhota, situated in the White Carpathian Mountains, near to the Slovakian border. The region is famous for its folk traditions and its beautiful countryside. In the middle of the village, the local NGO “INEX-SDA Bile Karpaty” runs a small centre for rural development and sustainability. It also has an outdoor museum with traditional cottages, some farm animals, a herb garden and traditional fruit trees, showing how rural live used to be in the past. Every year several public events take place there.

Work: The work will be manual. The volunteers will work in the outdoor museum, mainly repairing fences, making hay, cleaning, and weeding the herb garden. Besides, the volunteers will collect herbs from the surrounding meadows, which will then be used for the production of herbal teas. On April 14th a small festival of typical fruit products, “Oskeru?e”, will take place. The volunteers will help with the technical preparations of the event (i.e. installation of an exhibition, cleaning up afterwards) and are invited to attend the celebration.

Leisure time: Trips to the countryside and to folklore events, visits to touristic sights in the surrounding towns and villages will take place.

Study part: The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn more about local products, local farming, the history and potential of the region.

Accommodation/Food: In a building in the very centre of the village. Volunteers will need to bring their own sleeping bags and sleeping mats. Two small bathrooms are available. Please be prepared for basic living conditions as the house is very small. Volunteers will prepare their meals together – a small kitchen is available in the living area. Bring your favourite recipes.

Location: Tvarozna Lhota (bus stop in the village, next train stop Straznice)

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