My first days in Cheboksary — Freja’s blog:)))

Hi! My name is Freja, I am form Danmark and I’m a volunteer at Sodrujestvo. I am going to use the next 3 months in Cheboksary, where I am going to have speaking clubs, participate in the languages festival and many other interesting activities. I am very excited to learn more about the Russian culture, the language and the people living in Russia, because it’s my first time in the country. Often when you haven’t visited a country yet, the only thing you know about it, is what you hear around. And when people are talking about Russia, they are stereotyping the Russian people like they only drink vodka and all have a bear as a pet ;-). But right now the people I have met are nice people, who all welcomes you and tries to understand you, even when you are speaking a different language.

I have been showed around the city, and it is very beautiful. I like the monuments, the gardens and the riverside of Volga. But it is difficult to navigate through the city, because everything is in either Russian or Chuvash, and not everyone can understand and/or talk English. So I am starting to learn a little Russian, but it is really hard, because I first of all need to learn a new alphabet. But if you can learn English or another foreign language, I can learn Russian.

When you walk down the streets, the people you see are almost similar to the people you see when you are walking down the streets in Denmark. One of the biggest difference is that you don’t understand what people are saying, and you cannot read any of the signs. Luckily, some words are similar to either Danish or English, but it is still hard.

I am going to write a little bit once in a while, while I am staying here in Cheboksary, about the way I experience my time here. So I look forward to learn more about the city and the people living here.

— Freja

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