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After being here almost a month, the days looks more like each other and I know where the different offices are, and I am getting used to the transport around the city… Except the minibuses/shuttlebuses. I haven’t used them much, only when I am going to Novocheboksarsk because I am forced to do it. However, even if I am not using it much I have already tried to take it when it is rush hour. And it is really crowded. Some of the shuttlebuses are filled so much that it barely can close the door. The only practical I can see in this, is that no matter how crazy the driver drives, people won’t fall because they can’t move an inch J. This is quite an advantage for me because I have a bad balance when it comes to stand in the shuttlebuses. However, no matter how many people there is going to Novocheboksarsk, you can catch a car. Then it is just to cross your fingers an hope that the shuttlebus can bring you to your stop, and not just stop in the middle of the two cities… Even when I have only used the shuttlebus a couple of times, I have experienced it. So maybe we should just have taken that cab ;).

Between the different classes, clubs and events, there is also room for some nature experiences, for an examples a walk in the Park Gusovsky, which I would rather call a small forest than a park. But of course, it is small compared to some of the other forests here in Russia, I know. No matter what it is always good with a walk in the nature, especially here in the fall. Then the trees and bushes change almost every week, with new colours. So, I am looking forward to the next walk.


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