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Tuesday evening it was time to experience some new things, therefore my friend Alyona and I went to the Robot exhibition “The city of Robots”. In the exhibition, there are different types of robots from around the world (even Denmark). There is small robots and robots with the size of a human. Some is made with a purpose and other is just made to show how good a technology we have. Moreover, they also have virtual reality glasses, that you can try.

As you enter the exhibition the first thing you see is the Star Wars “corner”. Here you can try a cape, use a lightsaber, be Darth Vader or say hi to R2-D2. Afterwards, you can just walk around the hall between the stands and maybe stop to try or hear more about the robot. Some of the robots you could talk to in either Russian or English, and they would answer your question. These robots also had a camera so they could see what people were doing in front of them, and then they would comment the actions. It was even possible to try to move the robot with a controller or a phone. Actually, some of the robots didn’t even need a controller — you could just wave with your hand, and then the robot would move.

At the exhibition, there was something for all ages. There was even a robot theatre for the smaller children, with music and dancing robots. I think it is a good exhibition, especially if you like robots and new technology. Even if you think you have seen it all, some of the robots at the exhibition will impress you and show you, how far we are with that type of technology, and how many different types of job these robots have. I really liked the exhibition so I can only recommend it.

In the first 2 pictures, you can see Alyona with the Robot seal PARO from Japan, who is made so you can cuddle with it and pet it, and then he will react by moving or saying sounds. He is made to keep elders in company, when they can’t have a real pet. The reason why it is a seal is because then people can’t compare it to an animal that they haven’t seen in real life. The next 2 pictures show 2 of the robots from the movie WALL-E (WALL-E and EVE). You can also see a robot (which is moving around the hall) pulling a coach with a girl on it. The rest of the photos is just some different types of robots, and me dressed as a Jedi 🙂


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