This weekend, the language school “Languages for success” had their 10 years anniversary/birthday. And like every other birthday, they celebrated it with the children and the teachers in a local theatre. The program included different speeches from the director and teachers (in Russian, so I will not talk about the content of it), songs and performances from the children (that they had prepared in English), swordfight and a surprise dance performed mainly by Sodrujestvo. Furthermore, there was a picture slideshow, with selected pictures from the school over the past 10 years. All of this was enjoyed by the children, their parents and some teachers. In the evening, there was a celebration, only for teachers where the teachers who had done extra good, got a diploma and a bouquet of flowers. Then there was a magician and other activities. It seemed like everybody was having fun, so it was a successful birthday. In the evening, I went to the cinema (for the first time here in Russia), to see one of the few movies played in English with Russian subtitles. It was fun to try, and the seats are really comfortable, compared to the local cinema in my town. I cross my fingers that the cinema will play more English movies, while I’m here.

Sunday, I was invited to go on a trip to Yoshkar-Ola, together with a teacher from Novocheboksarsk, my friend Kate and to girls from the teachers English class. We went by car just before lunch, and headed for the centre of the city. Here we got some lunch, and waited for the rain to stop. We started our tour by walking past “Patriarchal Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ”, which is a cathedral from 1759 that got demolished and later rebuilt (2010). It is a really beautiful but also very different looking church, that you don’t see in Denmark. When you walk past it, you can cross the river Malaya Kokshaga. On the other side, there is the “Spasskaya Tower” which is a reduced copy of one of the towers of the Kremlin chief. Beside it, there is a long row of buildings built up in a European style (Embankment of Brugges). Here is also the “Monument of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco III”, where you should touch their rings, to get happy and successful marriage.

When you walk along the Embankment of Brugges, you walk by the “Monument to Empress Elizabeth” and the Fountain-monument of Orthodox saints of family and marriage Peter and Fevronia. Close to the last monument you find The architectural complex (complex of the 12 apostles). Every time the hour is changing, there will be bells ringing, and some music playing, while Jesus (on a donkey) and his 12 apostles mechanically go outside towards the tower, where they hide until the next change of hour. This was really cool, and it’s just like when you see it in movies. This was the first time I have ever seen a watch like that in real life. So that was an experience. On our way towards our car, we visited a shop with a wishtree. So we all made wish, before heading on to the car.

We were looking for the «Yoshkin cat», and found it. It is a private project and a gift to the city. Now it is the symbol of the city, so we needed to see it. Close to the statue, the national art gallery (also with a clock) which also had some extra “features”. This one was also playing music, but this time it was a donkey who walked (symbolic) from one church to another, with the church’s symbols to past them on, so they don’t get lost.

After it all, it was time to go home. Even though the weather wasn’t good, it still was a really good and exciting trip. Yoshkar-Ola is a really beautiful city, even though it isn’t that big. So the whole weekend has been packed with different activities, which all have been good.