Dear friends and future-to-be volunteers,

thank you for visiting our webpage! Here you can find the information about Sodrujestvo, information about our activities, how to volunteer with us and how to apply.

What is Sodrujestvo?

Sodrujestvo is an organization for volunteers which was founded in 2003. The organization is located in Cheboksary, the capital of the Republic of Chuvashia in Russia. Chuvashia is a small local ethnicity in the Volga region 600 km to the east from Moscow.

Cheboksary is a provincial city, and although Chuvashia has a long and rich history, not so many foreigners come here. That’s why there are not a lot of possibilities for youngsters to meet other cultures and have international friends. Sodrujestvo is trying to fill this gap.

Every year volunteers from all over the world, regardless of gender, culture, nationality or religion, are invited to take part in our projects.

You can take part in our short workcamps (1-2 weeks) and you can also be our long term volunteer and stay with us for 3 and more months.

Anyone willing to participate in the organized projects regardless of religion, nationality, cultural background and social status can be a Sodrujestvo volunteer. Volunteering is a way of life – for us it is not just big words. By living together while working on the projects we share our experiences and learn to understand each other. We learn to cooperate to make bright projects where everyone gets a chance to develop his own ideas.

Uniting different people with various backgrounds allows us to create really colorful activities. Diversity is our strength.

What do Sodrujestvo volunteers do?

  1. intercultural summer, autumn, winter and spring camps for kids in Chuvashia;
  2. a weekly intercultural communication club in the local orphanage;
  3. a weekly intercultural communication club for secondary school kids;
  4. ecological projects in the Volga region.

Why becoming a Sodrujestvo volunteer?

… because it’s cool!

… because it`s fun!

… because you will get new friends!

… you will have new experiences!

… you will learn about other cultures!

… you get the possibility to develop yourself!

Meet new horizons in Cheboksary!

How to become a volunteer yourself?

Contact Sasha or Nastia or Yulia 🙂