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  1. Stivchik
    Stivchik says:

    Wow. Looks like lots of fun. And the sitting area and corridor almost reminds me of the building for the summer camp. Privet Sasha, privet Lyosh. Can’t see any other familiar faces but then, you are all disguised. Oh and who’s choosing the photos? Is it you Sasha? By any chance:))

  2. Stivchik
    Stivchik says:

    Very well Liuba thanks. And you? I’m not sure if you’re at this one but if you are, I guess you must be tired. Looks great though. Good for Sodruzhestvo.

  3. sasha charlotka
    sasha charlotka says:

    Dear Stivchik! Hi! It has been a long time that I have not heard from you and me myself I did not write you for a very long time. How are you? How are the kids at school? I am still trying to find the time to read your book, it is great, only I am too busy with everything always :(((. The winter camp was great again. We missed so much all those people who are loved by Sodrujestvo’s heart (including you of course). I very much hope to see you again in our summer camp. It is impossible to forget your Russian and the way you are playing with Russian swearings! MIssing you a lot..


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