Brussels, Sevchik driving a Citroen, gourme in «our sweet Ostende home» cooked by Addelchik, Yvan Jilbertovich and his nice family, holding Jellee in my hands and suffering from being unable to breastfeed him :)), fighting with Addelchik for the right to hold Jellee, Stuart coming to Ostende from the Netherlands and looking serious and adult :)), being happy to see them all: Stuart, Liz, Julie, Yves and of course Sev and Addel, fresh croissants for breakfast next morning and every morning :)), Antwerp with Brunechka :)), visiting nice Bruno’s appartment (with a nice toilet :)), Russian seamen in Antwerp, enjoying chocolates and mussels in Antwerp :)), being the weekest link without speaking Dutch :((, visiting Addelchik’s school and attending some lessons of English, being taught by Michi :)) (thanks, Michi!), meeting Addelchik’s colleagues (being curious and trying to connect stories with faces) :)), learning how to ride a bike, falling down from the bike 100 times and finally being successful in riding this wonderful bike for 1 km :)), gourme (!) again in Addelchik’s parents home (great atmosphere and remarkable drinks, especially Duvel :)), lunch inAddel’s teacher’s usual Fridays place (OH!), zumba with SEvchik and visiting her home (so clean and cosy!!), going out with Addel’s Russian class and meeting PAvlic the captain and going back to Brussels to pick up my plane to Budapest :(((. Thanks a lot, Sevchik, Bruno, Stuart, Yves, JUlie and Liz!!!!!!!! But of course a special a very big thank to Addelchik!!! :))





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  1. Natasha
    Natasha says:

    )))) твоя положительная энергетика, Саш, чувствуется даж на таком большом расстоянии.. Старых друзей всегда прияно видеть =)

  2. vatrouska
    vatrouska says:

    This is soooooo funny! 🙂 I only read it now, but really, it makes such a big smile on my face.
    Two remarks:
    — Why do you write Bruno?s and Sevs appartments are clean. Was mine soooo extremely dirty? 😛 (OK, maybe it was, I know I?m not a good уборщица.)
    — It?s very funny to read how you call Mietje Michi. :-p I?ll let her know.

  3. sasha
    sasha says:

    Addelchik, I sent you an sms but may be you did not receive it — there I wrote that I got a book which is called «Reveuse d’Ostende». It’s so funny to find a book here about someone dreaming in your city (my favourite city!)! It’s a fiction book of course and I started reading it. Can you imagine that one day in Ostende you will buy a book called «A Dreamer from Cheboksary»? :)) And one more thing… YOu know that JUlie and Lies are planning to come here for CHristmas holidays? THey have even booked their tickets  for December 19 already and I sent them the invitation yesterday. So soon we will have here 2 pieces of Belgium :))))

  4. Stu
    Stu says:

    Ok always slow on the uptake… It must be something in the air in Netherlands 🙂
    Very funny story Sasha!! Although I hope I do not look too serious… Maybe it was the lack of sleep 🙂
    Was great to see you again and hopefuly will see you this summer!!
    Take care everyone! Big hugs from the Nether nether Lands were people never grow old… Wait no thats never never land ah well! See you!!!

  5. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    yes, Stuart! See you — I hope! It will be great to have our «old» volunteer in our summer camp who never grows old in the «Nevergrowingoldlands» :)))


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