Новый год в Голландии

Дорогие волонтеры «Содружества»!

Для тех, кто мечтает встретить новый год в Голландии в волонтерском лагере в дружной компании молодых людей со всего света — мы предлагаем принять участие в этом лагере. Волонтёрская организация SIW организует новый международный волонтёрский проект в Вёрендаал при сотрудничестве с местным молодёжным клубом и приглашает творчески поработать в качестве художников и реставраторов.
Сроки проекта: 27.12.2010 — 4.01.2011
Вам стало интересно? Пишите: sodvo-office@yandex.ru, и звоните: 23-02-03
Далее вы можете ознакомиться с видом работ, условиями проживания и программой на английском языке.
The youth club is very enthusiastic about the help the project will
provide. The building really needs some general
renovation and it would be great if finally some children-friendly
themes will be painted on the grey walls. Because of a lack of local
volunteers, the youth club building still looks like it did at the
completion of the construction. You will work on some general
renovation jobs like easy carpentry for storage of materials, painting
door- and windowframes and redevelopment of the interior design. Tools
you will use are general DIY-tools like saws, brushes, hammer and so

You will stay in the youth club building itself with good sanitary
facilities, leisure area and kitchen. You need to bring your own air
mattress or camping bed and your own blankets (sleeping bag) and
pillow. Separated sleeping rooms for men and women can be provided on

Next to the work that needs to be done, there is plenty of time to get
to know each other, exchange cultures and customs. We will celebrate
new year’s eve in Utrecht, together with the participants of an other
International Volunteering project. To get to know the area we will
make excursions and walks. We will meet the
locals because some members of the youth club will help us with the
work and the board of the youth club plans a thank-you party.

Voerendaal is a beautiful little village in the very south of the
Netherlands. It lies
between Maastricht, where the Euro was founded and the German city of
(known because of Karl der Gro?e, Charlemagne). Voerendaal lies in the
south of
the province ‘Limburg’. The most spoken language isn’t Dutch but
(‘plat’, like the locals say). Limburg is one of the most diversed
landscapes of the

Voerendaal has it’s own train station which is very well connected
with the
train station of both Aken and Maastricht. The railway system in the
Netherlands is
very good, train stations are easily connected with each other. The
most nearby
airport is Maastricht. The airports of Eindhoven and Amsterdam
(Schiphol) can be
used as well.

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