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About 450 years ago, Ivan the terrible built Swijaschsk near to Kasan and 1 week ago I visited it. I made this trip with my roommate from Germany and her friend and we were lucky with the weather: the sun was shining and there weren´t any clouds in the sky! We took the boat from Kasan harbour and we went towards Swijaschsk on the beautiful Wolga river. I always wanted to do a boat trip on the Wolga so mission completet. I love the landscapes at the bank of the river and I found the Datschas there really cute! I also want to have one of these!
After 2 hours on the boat we arrived at the island, and first of all we surrounded the whole island. It didn´t take us so long since this is a really a small island, but very charming. As we are very interested in culture and history we visited the abbey and the churches. My favourite church was the wodden one, in which already Ivan the terrible has been. I love places with so much history!
Afterwards we went to the museum which was also very impressive! I didn´t expect such a great museum for such a small place! Needless to say, I also bought many souvenirs!
After surrounding the island a second time, the boat was already waiting and we shipped back to Kasan!djdj fdhdg h-OZ0IVSjBg wQ50_0-1d0E

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