Зимний лагерь 4 — 10 января

Приветик! А к нам прилетел еще один привет, теперь уже из далекой Южной Кореи, которая станет нам ближе, потому что эта девушка будет вожатой в зимнем лагере Содружество с 4 по 10 января 🙂 Если хотите с ней познакомиться, у вас еще есть шанс записаться к нам в лагерь, звоните 46-32-00!
«Hello! I am Mirae. I was born in Korea, and live in the capital city of Korea, Seoul.

I am studying history and archaeology in university. I like visiting new places which can give me fresh impression, and experiencing various culture, tradition, and historical environment.

I also like outdoor activities such as playing soccer, but I am worrying whether I can bear the cold weather of Russia.

I want to share my experience and life of my home country with those of kids. I would like to tell the story of life, culture, and tradition of my country, and listen to the story of themselves.

I think it will be a unforgettable memory that I will spend time with them during the camp!

I am really looking forward to meeting other volunteers and kids soon»

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