A trip to the amusement park — FREJA’S BLOG:)))

One of the evenings I was going to meet some friends, who had promised me to show me the city. We went from my apartment, walked on Moskovsky prospect where the first stop was the monument “Roza Mira”. I have heard that is a quite new monument, and that they are not finished yet. When you drive/walk by, it is quite fascinating and beautiful. It almost looks like you’re in Rome, or another Italian or Greek city. And if you walk through the big white “gates”, you can see all these sculptures of important women who are ready to fight. Even though the monument is quite beautiful, it’s a shame that there is an empty dirty field, on the other side of the monument. And I know that they are not done yet.

Next stop is the amusement park that is located nearby in a park. I’ve heard that is it quite new, which is also visible if you look at the rides. I really like the concept where it is possible to just by a single ticket to a ride, instead of a buying an expensive ticket for all the rides. That way you can just walk through the park, and maybe try a ride or two, or just enjoy the lightshow that every ride makes. Even though that it was a Wednesday evening, a decent amount of people where in the park, to try the rides.

This ended up being one more nice evening here in Cheboksary, and I am looking forward to more of them.


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